W. Palm Beach

" Today I was encouraged. I have CNN Headline News on in the background and they are actually reporting on the Florida poll which indicates that 91% of Florida black voters believe Al Gore won Florida. Hello. . . But I want to report on the demonstration I just attended in W. Palm Beach. There were 75 to 100 people there (as usual from ALL walks of life). We were on a very busy street near the airport and lined the sidewalk for about a block. The encouraging part was not necessarily the attendance (we need to adopt a "bring a friend" approach) but rather the response of the people driving by. I got ONE set of "fingers", 2 "aw. . . get over it"s, and at least 100 cars honking, yelling, and thumbs-upping their support. The positive response to our message (remember our message: "George Bush, with Jeb's help, stole our democracy! ") was OVERWHELMING! The artery of intense interest and support is out there. If you are reading this, you are a leader by virtue of your presence. Your job is to recruit, talk, register voters, attend rallies, keep on the media, write letters, attend more rallies, bring many friends to rallies, and most important, TO NOT GIVE UP.