Supporters Give Al Gore a Warm Welcome Back in Florida

I knew that Al Gore's speech to the more than 1,500 International Travel delegates (ITA) from 74 countries on Wednesday, May 9th in Orlando, Florida, was going to be Gore's first visit back to Florida, since the election.

I wanted Al Gore's visit back to Florida to be "Special". I knew that Oral Majority had spent a lot of money in two aerial banners just last week-end, both for the Kentucky Derby and Ft. Lauderdale's Air & Sea Show. So, it occurred to me to call Michael Rectenwald from Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG). I asked him if it was possible for CLG to fund the banner plane? Of course, Mike Rectenwald agreed immediately! I told Mike that I would make all the arrangements in getting the banner plane, down in South Florida. Mike replied that he would begin asking donations from members of CLG.

I called my friend Jimmie, who owns a plane company based in South Florida, that flies aerial banners. I told him what we planned to do. Btw, Jimmie is the same pilot we used in Miami, during our rallies in support of Big Dog Bill Clinton & Janet Reno, during the Elian rescue.

Jimmie was so thrilled about what we wanted to do, that he slashed his price in half, as a favor to me. And he said he would fly the banner plane "10 times" around the Orlando Convention Center, as opposed to his normal 3-5 times.

CLG was able to pay for the aerial banner via Dianne Lobes, who generously offered to pay for the banner plane.

On Wednesday, May 9th at exactly 11:45 a.m. - the banner plane flew around the Orlando Convention Center - 10 times, just like Jimmie promised. And the pilot even dipped his wings in respect to Al Gore and all of his supporters - Oral Majority, Madgrandmothers, etc.

Not only did all the Al Gore supporters and many of the International delegates see the banner plane. But God knows how many OTHER thousands of folks saw the banner plane! The Orlando Convention Center is centrally located in close proximity to Disney World, Universal Studios, MGM Studios, Sea World, etc. I saw many passer-bys looking up and pointing at the banner plane.