81 year-old Activist harassed at
Legends Field on June 4th

Interviewed via phone 06/10/01 3pm
by Mauricio Rosas

First, I was told by TPD to put the sign away (InvestigateFlorida Voter-Gate). I asked them, why I had to put my sign away. The officer said, "You don't make the rules, we make the rules." I never heard anything like this before. I was shocked but I put it in my pocket and then they left me alone. I lived in Michigan for most of my life and I have gone to many rallies where we heckled them or they heckled us and no one was arrested. Then the commotion began and I was knocked down when Jan was shoved by the police. I landed on my back and suffered a small cut to the back of my head and a lot of pain on my butt. Not much there to keep it cushioned. I went ahead and lay there for a short while and then finally one of the fellows took me to the refreshment stand. There a medic bandaged my cut. The next day I went to my doctor. I am still having headaches and pain when I sit down..

I am 81 years old. I served with Air Core/ Air Force during WWII. I fought in the Philippines and in Hokidot Island in Japan.
Walter Sorenson