Dual Protests in Tampa, Fox News, and FTAA

Our demonstration of Orange-fringed cars circled the Tampa Fox affiliate again. We were loud, both audially and visually, as the hundreds of cars that passed us on Kennedy Blvd honked back in agreement of our signs,

"Fox News-Unfair and Slanted,"

"Fox News Achtung,"

"Fox-Report the Real News,"

"Rupert Murdoch-The Right Wing King."

After circling the building about 10 to 15 times we all decided to go to downtown Tampa where we heard the other protest was going on---against FTAA.

On to the FTAA Protest

Our Orange Streamer Caravan streaked through Tampa streets and we were greeted with many smiles and approving honks, even though our horns now became silent. We soon parked our cars in a church parking lot and grabbed our other signs - the ones with sticks to be held up high.

Approximately 30 or 35 people were gathered in a parklike square and---Ohhh--and there is where we found the media trucks. We all tried to find the person who belonged to the FOX truck but he seemed to be hiding.

Jan gave our list of what Oral Majority, the Fringefolk and the Madgrandmothers would like to have reported by the unfair media. She gave it to the gent in the truck of the Channel 28 ABC affiliate. Hmmm, wonder what he'll do with it?

We stood on the very visible corner where hundreds of more cars passed us and where we supported the other folks who chanted "hey hey ho ho FTAA has got to go" over and over, loud and clear.

Unfortunately though, when WE asked for their support to chant for letting Bush go, the gentleman who appeared to coordinate the affair stated he was concerned with what they were doing and nothing else.

I think I also heard he was a Nader voter. We supported them anyway, because we strongly approve of their efforts.

I think it is a little sad that so few Americans know why they are protesting against the FTAA. Wouldn't it be great if we could combine all of our people caring efforts?

On the national level, the media is doing all it can to downplay the exact cause of the protesting in Quebec. They place their emphasis on the violence and offer almost no investigative reporting into why people are doing this. CNN has already labeled them, "Anti- globalization Protestors."

I thought the media was supposed to provide information, not conceal it. Well, it seems that's just what they are doing though. But they hid the reasons for the protest in the link given on their webpage. They probably did this so they could appear unbiased. SO I'm passing it around.

Please also pass it on folks and lets give these brave people in Canada our support. Give me a break--- anti-globilization protestors!

Resident Select used his verbal talent again yesterday regarding the FTAA protestors. CNN really screws up sometimes. Can you believe they actually quoted their hero DumbYA, as he answered questions relating to his newfound problem of WAITING while protestors delayed his summit.

Many people just do not know why FTAA protestors are protesting. And this idiot doesn't appear to know either. He doesn't know we want fair labor and environmental controls, and not a free reign for corporations to just take our jobs and send them to third world countries where labor is so cheap. He doesn't know we are opposed to child labor anywhere in this world.

This puppet king must really be in the dark, a place where the major media seems to want all Americans to be. The current Leader of the most powerful country in the world said regarding protestors, "I would disagree with them in that trade is somehow going to affect the working people".

Please check out the enclosed website of the FTAA protestors

Smiles anyway, Suni:)

Information on FTAA