Protest #3 helped this granny smile long and hard.

There are so few places in our society where people can vent their anger and frustrations without getting into some kind of trouble. The Internet is one, and hence we see so many new websites daily. PEACEFUL PROTESTING is the other and by far the most rewarding type of action to release personal tensions. It is rewarding in terms of camaraderie, commonality of purpose, and a release of negative tensions and frustrations that tend to bottle up when addressing the recent wrongs done to us. As we hold back these tensions they tend to, unintentionally spill over onto others who are probably undeserving of such anger.

The political arena offers us so many things to be angry about and very little in the way of dealing with it. We can write to our representatives. We can write to our president (if we had one), and we can even write to the Supremicist Court or the various media persons. AND writing DOES help! It helps to relieve the tensions that so often build up each time we think about the injustices done to the American people during the past election process. It helps to express thoughts and opinions we often must hold back in order to listen to others express their thoughts and opinions.

BUT writing does not offer the intensity of relief that we once knew as children. When we were hurt or angry we just cried out and Mom answered our needs. And we felt so much better after crying because, for most of us, momma was a great source of comfort. All too soon however, we learned ways to hold in our discomfort. We were taught not to express our feelings openly and not to cry out when hurt. We learned to be adults and to put childish ways behind us.

So many of us lock up the Child within and become devious, tasteless, sad, tense, or outright horrible folks, proceeding to our deathbeds with the thought, ?What was that all about?? The child within has been locked in a closet. The inner Child (spelled with a capital C to distinguish it from actual children) is a compilation of primitive thoughts, feelings, and actions based foremost on gratification of needs.

My child was alive and squawking yesterday! I protested Jed Bush and Kathryn Harris in Tampa. I shouted in the park and booed so loud I?m sure my momma far up in heaven heard me. And Ohhhh, did I ever feel good when I left Tampa to go back home. I felt truly drained and accomplished. My kid reveled in the fact that Jeb couldn?t speak due to all of the loud booing for at least 5 minutes. He even addressed us (15-20 protestors) with eye contact in order to get us to let him speak. It was Sooo good. I wore my T-shirt with the picture of DumbYa wearing a black mask with words stating,? THIS THIEF STOLE THE ELECTION??V-e-r-y childish! I held my poster high in spite of the few people sent over to cover us in our front row with a false banner that was actually a blanket in disguise. As they snickered at us I held the poster higher than their banner to tell Jeb, ?No More BUSHIT?! And best of all----------he got the message.

We could see that he got the message that Florida will fight back by noting his facial expressions and body language. His eyes and body were focused on us rather than the rest of the broad field where we all sat and stood. He could clearly have looked at the others around the one city block square park from his place on the stage, but he didn?t. And we booed and we booed and we booed, like little kids who won?t eat their liver sandwiches. And we all got what we came for, that angry expression on the rich kid?s face when we wouldn?t stop booing.

And when Kathryn came out to meet the hundreds of people there (mostly government employees) she didn?t go up on the stage, like Jeb, but headed straight for where we protestors congregated. We (hehehe) flashed our signs of disrespect directly in her face as she headed towards us. As expected, she couldn?t crack her makeup--- that pasted smile, which she used to shun all adversity. (I never knew that makeup could express the middle finger response before). We?ll she may think we didn?t get to her, but the proof of the pudding is always in Kathryn?s smile. If she gave a real response her face would crack. The camouflage is her only defense against the outrage we Floridians feel about her great discount of our votes.

After Jeb spoke it no longer bothered me that the police placed my table of Oral Majority buttons and bumper stickers out in the street off of the park grounds in order to keep me away from the others. It no longer bothered me that they told me not walk on the cement path around the park as all the other people did. Instead I recalled the other kinder officers who told me to walk in the park. Of course that was after they heard me protest loudly while walking in the street that my first amendments rights were being taken away from me by the Tampa Police. It no longer bothered me that the majority of people there did not speak out, after all they worked for Jeb and I was so tickled by the fact that at least 80% of them gave ME the high sign for my T-shirt-----but quietly. I protested loudly for all of them!

On the way home all of the tension I previously felt when thinking about the Bush family seemed to have drained out of me. I giggled instead! All was well within me both physically and mentally. I let my child express her self in a safe, police attended event and I really felt good about it. Even beyond that, I was rewarded by several new friendships, especially my fellow protestor, Jan.

Oh, I know the tension won?t be gone for long, not for any of us who protested Jeb?s Cabinet Meeting in Tampa this day. The tensions felt by our victimization in Florida?s election fiasco will come back with each piece of news from our Internet friends, and it will continue to pile up within our inner child. But for now at least, my circuits are clear and having learned new aspects about protesting I am personally ready for Protest #4. As a member of the Oral Majority, I will continue to speak out!