Sutton's Office Protested by Ohio Disability Community

Tom Olin took some great photos of the disability rights activitists' demostration in Columbus, Ohio, May 25, 2001, conducted to protest the nomination of Attorney Jeffrey S. Sutton to the Federal District Court of Appeals. Take a look:

Tkanks to Kathleen Kleinman and TRIPIL for sharing!

And here's a report and a couple of articles to go along with the photos, courtesy of Mary Butler and LCCCCD Inc: We participated in the rally in Columbus Friday. There were about 50 people there from all over Ohio. Areas represented were Toledo, Dayton, Lorain County (Elyria -- LEAP/CIL -- MY CIL!), Columbus, Washington, PA CIL (TRIPL), and Washington, D.C.

About one hour after we got there, a telephone call was made to Mr. Sutton's office (on a cell phone) and his secretary put it through to him. We told him that we were there from all over Ohio and truly believe in the ADA. All we wanted was for him to withdraw his nomination for the federal court. He said that he could not do that and that he, too, believed in the ADA. He thanked us for the call and hung up.

There were reporters there from three different newspapers around Ohio. There were chants like "Up with the ADA, down with Sutton", and paper with info on it about Sutton and why we were there, was handed out to the people who passed by and who came out/in the building Mr. Sutton's office is in.

When anyone needed to use a restroom, they were escorted by a policeman from the front door to the floor with the restroom, another officer escorted from there to the restroom, waited, and then the person (most were in a wheelchair) was escorted back out, the reverse of coming in. One woman told me that she was surprised that the officer did not enter the stall with her!!

A small part of the group walked to Senator DeWine's office and asked to meet with him when he has time off of being in Washington, DC. They were told to call next week and set up an appointment. Our group told them that there would be more people coming then than the few who walked down there today. So it looks like we will be meeting with him to talk about his recommendation of Sutton to President Bush.

We also had large signs and explained, one-on-one, what this was all about.

Please read, if you can, what Marcie Roth has put on NCIL's web pages at A very small part of that webpage is printed AFTER the article on our rally in Columbus.