Friday, May 4, Richard Gephardt (the House minority leader) and other great Democratic Congressional leaders were present at a rally in at Duke Energy in Chula Vista (near San Diego) to demand federal action to stop the Energy Cartel from continuing to gouge the >consumers. The speakers were very positive and pledged their support for consumers. Richard Gephardt promised that a lot of other Congressional leaders would be coming our way. One estimate I heard was that there were over a thousand people present. The impressive >thing about size of this crowd is that the gathering was on short notice and yahoogroups were down last week. Yet the Democrats came from near and far in nice numbers.

I was impressed by the warmth of our Democratic leaders who had no qualms about mingling with the crowd in a causal manner. Dick Gephardt was very friendly and polite and posed for pictures with my children, who commented later about how intelligent and nice he is.

My kids (Alexandar and Natasha) passed out hundreds of Democrat's.com voter pledges and informational flyers, Voter's March fliers and Strike One flyers. Vickie Wilson and Eric Goren of the Oral Majority came from the San Bernardino area and distributed flyers and spoke with people in the crowd. One Republican in the crowd I spoke with agreed that the Republican Party had been taken over by right wing extremists and said that he would be willing to vote for Democrats in the next election. The San Diego Democratic Party is one of the most active and this is largely thanks to the efforts of the Chairman of the San Diego Democratic Party, Bob Jellison, whose activism makes him a good role for all party chairmen.


About those attending - in addition to Dick Gephardt and Bob Filner there were Congresswomen Maxine Waters (who didn't speak), Congresswomen Susan Davis, Chula Vista City Council Member Mary Salas (she spoke first) and SD/Imperial County Labor Council Leader Jerry Butkiewicz. The other speaker was an attorney who represents the state against one or more of the energy companies.