The first thing I wanna do is publicly bow & scrape to the people who made this (my first protest) such a success: First to Anna and Sharon , who came all the way from D/FW to hold my hand & offer their support! We made up a little song on the way downtown & between that & the fact that we were all wearing "This American Patriot Protests Corporate Controlled George Bush/ First Amendment" shirts (Thanks Lisa Thomas & Dana Moore- who put the tees together! Buy them at Patriot Shirts / ), the media (and there were *plenty* of media people there!) locked in on us & didn't let go!

The Trust The People Austin people turned out & they were great! Their theme was The Toxic Texan. Fuerza Unida (which is a local women's group focused on empowering women) was really the force behind getting San Antonians organised & had a large number of protesters and a bull horn. They focused on schools not bombs, "take notice, bush is an idiot" [sic- they chanted this in Spanish] and other points. They also took it upon themselves to bring breakfast for whoever showed up. (and it was first class, too) San Antonio's Law Enforcement *gentlemen* were PURE CLASS & PROFESSIONALISM!!! (I'm still SOOO PROUD!!! and I wonder if the ladies refused to participate) I thought it was interesting that the first 2 we encountered on the way to the site stood back, smiling brightly, while we sang our way through. After we waited a few minutes for the light to change, THEY ACTUALLY STOPPED TRAFFIC so we (just the 3 of us!) could cross the street!!

The only less than accomodating officer (and only one) was a guy who was just outside the door of the Convention Center. He told us we had to get out on the sidewalk. Back to the media. I think there must have been more TV stations in attendance than San Antonio actually has (so I wonder what other cities covered this). We got coverage (at 5, 6, 9 & 10 PM) on all but 1 station. The newspaper covered us favorably the next day. My beloved better half forgot to bring me a San Antonio Current (the local alternative paper) when he went to Sun Harvest yesterday but I understood that they would have a reporter there, so we may have talked to him, too.

There were a very few freepers (it was alternately drizzling & pouring so I assume they didn't want to mess up their [big] hair) and a van full drove by at one point but barely slowed down. They waved at their friends but didn't roll down the windows. hehe Some "friends". Only one media person who was [turned out to be. he started off feigning impartiality] an ass very nearly fooled Sharon & me until he started spouting that Democrats also cheated in Florida & that people had a generally positive image of the Thief. We set him straight QUICK.

Meanwhile, our Anna was having at it with a Freeper in a wheelchair down the street. As we know, she didn't exactly need backup, but the protesters around her quickly joined in & the freeps pretty much gave up. As we were driving away (after the convention let out), Anna identified the freeper king- Jim whatever his name is- from California about to cross the street. The newspaper article mentioned that he'd attended but was less than reverent.

We had learned from one of the other protesters that little georgie was going to be appearing at the San Jose mission next and we hot footed it across town (a brave act! None of us had a clue in hell where we were going!!) After a detour due to the rising San Antonio River, we found the mission & along with a couple of other stray (and savvy) protesters, set up across the street. They had the entrances to the mission blocked by 2 or 3 patrol cars each and a park ranger standing guard approximately every 100 feet on the lawn outside the mission wall.

While Sharon took a quick pit stop inside the Pizza Hut (who gave her free pizza as a token of their appreciation), our Anna took off across the street to have an up close & personal encounter with our resident moron. I was convinced she was going to get arrested, but she landed on her feet yet again! (And he heard her *again* LOL) Having completely lost sight of Anna, Sharon & I had a different experience. We got to witness the motorcade leaving the "plan B" exit (RC had "taken" the original planned escape) and the poor little puppet actually waved as they passed us (Maybe he really *can't* read!) as though we were admirers or something. This was an incredible waste of our city tax dollars! There had to be 20 or 30 motorcycle officers preceding the presidential entourage.

All in all, it was a fantastic first protest! I never dreamed that of all the places, San Antonio would have been so open in their disaaproval of george bush. Make no mistake about it! If anyone says that San Antonio carried bush in the selection, it's a LIE!! The first amendment, truth, justice & The American Way are alive & well in San Antonio, Texas!