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Bush Meets Portland -- by "mOtHeRtUcKeR poet"

Attention all: Friday morning 8/23/02

"Dubya" came to town (Portland, OR) yesterday, with his entourage of nicely dressed rich white people, to raise a million dollars (grand total thus far? Nine million, as opposed to the one mill war chest of his challenger, democrat Bill Bradbury) for Gordon Smith - Oregon's oh-so-cute-and-cuddly republican running-for-another-term Senator. Only he didn't get quite the wonderful and adoring reception his polls might have led him to expect.

Yes... protesters lines the streets hissin and hollering as his motorcade streaked into town - a pretty major accomplishment when you consider the route in was a tightly guarded secret. Protesters had to number sufficiently to cover several passages..

Lots of hoopla out there these days bout how well Bush is liked by the American people isn't there? Well down at Waterfront park - an area Bush has to be scratching his head over cause there ain't no skyscrapers and corporate offices blocking the view, only trees - the people gave him the finger. So much for his supposed likeability. Makes one wonder if old Rupert secretly owns ALL the tv and radio stations.

Big bold banners decried the coup d'etat in 2000. Environmentalists decried Bush's need to deplete America of oxygen (for you dummies out there, oxygen comes from trees). And poor people decried the lack of things like food, and jobs. . . Then there were those big stick-it-in-your-face signs like "A Veteran Asks: Did Bush Know?", or "All Hail America's new Dictator!". Oh, twas a site to behold.

So much anger out there: Cops and secret service were everywhere - and looking VERY worried. One has to wonder if they truly anticipated the level of regurgitation. A nine square block right in the heart of the city of Roses had to be completely sealed off from the rest of the world. And nobody, NOBODY - except of course those few who could actually afford the $1,000 a plate dinner - got in.

Bush and his questionable IQ (is it really only 91?) continued the rambling mantra bout how he wanted to cut down all the kindling in America so the forests wouldn't burn. What he failed to mention was that the forest service is under orders to spend only 1/3 of it's allocation on fire prevention, while 2/3 is to go to selling off the strong timber to private corporations. Apparently America's greatest hawk was AWOL from elementary school the day they defined "kindling" as small twigs and not twenty-foot-around "old growth" trees.

I watched a cyclist get busted where I usually go to get away from the maddening crowd of Americans who think it's a good idea to try some fourteen year old kid in adult court just so they can give him the death penalty and watch him fry. This guy inadvertently rode through a police tape cordoning off a section under the Rosemont bridge where twelve cop cars were parked patiently waiting in reserve to be called upon to go once again screaming through the streets in unison, with their sirens blaring and their pretty red and blue lights flashing. You just gotta look in the face of any of our courageous men and women in blue to know that they LIVE for this sort of thing. Anyway, we are a good twelve blocks from his highness, and here the cops are hassling some idiot with an obvious death wish. You could see how it brightened their day. .

The riot squad was all over the place. You can't tell these people are human you know - you can't see their faces what with all the body armor and protective masks, and they act like robots. Maybe that's the point of it all - scare the bejesus out of your every day American citizen so that they won't ask embarrassing questions out loud about the idiocy of attacking Iraq just to win November's election. I thought I'd died and reincarnated in a newly formed Nazi Germany - complete with goosestepping and flag waving. . .

Well here, in Portland, we weren't taking it lying down. No, we were out there, screaming at the man to get another job and leave running the country to those more proficient. . . well, at least more intelligent and experienced. Do you notice how they keep Colin Powell locked up over in the State Department? God help Bush if that guy ever got out.

Don't know if you all saw the protesting on the telly, what with America's media now totally controlled by right wing extremists. But the protesting WAS there - and, much of it got so bad Portland's own brand of Gestapo were called in to quell the disturbance, and disperse the crowd. Which they did... using nightsticks and gas of course. One has to know the wonderfulness of this city to realize just how out of place such scenes are.

No wonder Portland's TV stations showed the clogging of the streets and the mass of protesting humanity. Hell, they even showed people being pepper sprayed, and little women confronting nameless brazen ogres in blue who looked like the maximum security prison's football team linebackers. . . but only of course, AFTER they put the usual FOX network right wing spin on things.

Still, it was a sight that made true patriots weep. So much for our jackass leader - with his 91 IQ and homicidal tendencies.

Don't get me wrong - it wasn't Kent State all over again. Dead students didn't line the streets. It wasn't the WTO and Seattle going berserk Hey, this is Portland, Oregon. We have more parks in this city that any other city in America. And people really DO ride bikes to work in this town, and no, they DON'T understand why other people in other towns don't do the same.

I mean it's just so healthy and all. But we gave a little back to the nation yesterday - in our own way.

The tide is shifting for this president. His desire to place 250,000 American young women and men soldiers in harms way in Iraq - out of a personal vendetta or worse, to win November's election... even against the wishes of his own generals - may have just been the straw that broke the camel's back. . Maybe the good lord IS looking down on America, finally.

God, I hope so.

Do good work (and make it your business to get at least one poor person you know, who hasn't voted, to VOTE)...

from mOtHeRtUcKeR's dipsy dumpster:
The "Trickle Down Theory" is a rich man taking a leak!

mOtHeRtUcKeR poet
August 23, 2002