Thousands of Pro-Democracy activists met on the west steps of the Capital for the VoterMarch Rally, May 19, 2001. Cloudy conditions prevailed, with humidity hinging on the annoyingly muggy. A general consensus emerged, however, that the humidity was preferable to the sleet and freezing rain we endured in Washington five months earlier.

At the Capital steps, police busied themselves with stopping the sales of political buttons. After purchasing a "The Revolution Will not be Televised" button, we were stopped dead in our tracks. I directed the following question to the police officer: "Can't you find something better to do with your time? Surely, there must be a murder or other crime scene you could busy yourself with," I dead-panned. The small group around us laughed. The cop held his ground. Let's stop the sales of buttons, keep arsenic in water. We are truly living under the Bush occupation.

I filled out an eleven by nine square of colored construction paper for a collage that anti-Bush friends were assembling, asking each participant what s/he thought of the (S)election. I scrawled, "Revolution Now. We Must Undo the Coup "

Jon Bexell (looking at camera) and Chip (with Gore Lieberman sign)

People who disapprove of the Bush occupation and came to Washington to express their displeasure came from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kansas, Oregon, Virginia, Colorado, Alaska, and Arizona. At 12:45, we gathered to listen to speeches/music at the Capital. These speeches were inspiring, and the crowd roared their approval. The speakers summarized our anger at the coup, and rallied us to action. Lou Posner, Ronnie Duggar, and Lenora Fulani gave notable speeches that we appreciated.

Mike Rectenwald, speaking on behalf of Citizens for Legitimate Government, gave a speech entitled, "Election 2000, in Historical Context." Mike's speech inspired me to tears, and I will remember his words. His speech taught us about the history of disenfranchisement, and provided a rallying cry for us to "undo the coup." Mike's words laid the framework for action, and left little doubt in our minds as to necessity for action against the Bush occupation.

Mike Rectenwald, Capitol, May 19th Voter March

I am compelled to quote from Mike's historic speech: "We must call for investigations! We must work for impeachment! We must turn these jokers into wildcards to trump the kings. We must work to bring democracy to this stacked deck. We must work to bring down this precarious house of cards called the Bush presidency. We must undo the coup! That is what we must do.

"Join us at or any of the other activist groups you find here -- join all Citizens for Legitimate Government, in our long haul quest to undo the coup, and redo democracy.

"We must undo the coup!!"

The final line was given to Mike by me for his "Not my President's Day Speech" in New York on February 18, 2001. Mike brought that line to life in New York, and is providing inspiration for us today from his classic Washington speech. (The link to Mike Rectenwald's speech is: )

I urge every Pro-Democracy activist to read Mike's speech. If you had any doubts about the need to expend great energy in endeavoring to eradicate the Bush occupation, Mike Rectenwald provides that impetus.

Overall, a very inspiring day in Washington, one I will not forget. -Lori Price May 20, 2001 .