Dear friends,

Yesterday, with only one day notice from our dear leader, Robert Kunst, Jan and I trudged over to Tampa again to protest the spoiled rich kid- JEB. Bob again had a great display of signs that were set up on the most visible corner of the complex where the Radisson stood. He even had two bottles of water. One was marked Arsenic and the other Sewage. He offered some to the reporter from WFLA radio who interviewed him about Oral Majority.

When a plain beige car passed us with Florida's governor in it, we flashed our signs just like we did to all other cars. We had the same expectations of thumbs up that most other car passengers and drivers give us. Then Bob said---hey that was the governor who just passed. If you take your signs over to the entrance you may get the chance to let him see those posters up close.

We went because yesterday I worked up a couple of really good signs, one with two striped prisoners scrubbing the jailhouse floor and pasted with DumbYa and Jeb's face on it, saying, "Bush Bros. Future" and the other with a big picture of Katherine Harris and Jeb stating, " Bush Harris Fraud". Surely I couldn't let him get away so easily. Jan carried Bobs sign offering arsenic and sewage water as well as one of mine and we bolted over the parking lot to the large glass windows where we peered in at Jeb as he play-acted in the lobby with a teenage Hispanic band.

Oh, it was soo good! We pressed our signs up onto the window where Jeb stood about six feet away. He must have known we were there since the kids all turned thier faces around toward us and a cameraman even spanned the area and caught a shot of Jan. But the funny thing is Jeb didn't even turn around once--- not once in the five minutes--- and we had our noses pressed against that glass....Hmm, he must be learning how to avoid us..hehehe!

Anyway, protesting was fun again. We could let out some of the venom we collected from the daily "Bad News Bushit Media" and leave an open space within us to let the joy of knowing each other grow and grow. We three had lunch afterwards and basically Jan and I did a lot of listening to our dear OMer leader, Bob who was protesting his way down from Quebec--Bless his 'No More Bushit' heart. What experiences he's had dear friends (not enough space here for me to give the details).

Oral Majority is growing fast. People who are just plain fed up with the victimization of Americans and are increasingly becoming tied tighter and tighter to company store of this Bush regime. Like us, they are joining OM and speaking out. Even those quiet faithful Democrats who are wondering what has happened to our beloved party since November are starting to express their anger.... Where are the Values? What does America stand for anymore? Why aren't we ENRAGED by the fact that our democracy has dwindled so?

Two hours and fifteen minutes went by so fast as Bob, and Jan, and I discussed the variables of these most pertinent facts. I decided as a result of this meeting to change my approach. Jan and I will specifically call on Florida's grandparents who are still angry about the way that the media portrayed Florida residents who went to the polls in good faith, only to find out later that the polls were tampered with. I am working out the details that Bob and Jan are very supportive of in gathering the Florida 'MADgrandmothers and Others of the Oral Majority'. After tomorrow's Kate-booing in front of the St Petersburg Pier I'll let you all in on our new campaign to gather grandparents and others here in Florida.

Smiles to all who read this and others who just scanned it.