We had about one hundred or so Anti-Bushit protesters at the Fresno Airport today intermixed with the Pro Bushits and we out spoke, and screamed them at every turn! :-)

Two of our chants were, "NO MORE BUSHIT" and "Al Gore in Four"! Some of our gang came from as far as S.F., and Santa Cruz CA. to be here to protest the unpResident.

There were Satellite Camera trucks from ALL of the Major Networks , and even the local Fascist Faux unnews ,and several of us including myself were interviewed several times, and we even got on ALL of the networks tonight. Every newscast had our protest covered with short interviews, and a lot of video clips. This is the most that I've seen about any Anti-Bush protest since January 20th of this year"!

I had both of my V.C.R.s recording the ten, and eleven o'clock news.And my girlfriend recorded the news channels that I couldn't so I have some editing to do tomorrow.

In the end we prevailed with the truth and with our determination to get the truth out to the rest of our country". Oh, by the way, the little wannabee Dictator never showed his little brain outside the airport. He just slithered away on one of Marine helicopters like the slime that he is!

Mr. Evans "D.F.F"! CA.

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