Florida Protest, 3/12/01: Silenced by a Local Reporter--Picked up by National News!

I attended the Palm Beach County protest today. I had a chance to talk one on one with our county commissioner, Carol Roberts, as to why she refers to GW as "The President"...etc. She offered plenty of politically safe answers.

Then I was interviewed by Jim Wicks of Channel 5 (WPTV),an NBC affiliate in W. Palm Beach. He stopped the interview and turned off camera and mic when I refused to accept his proposition that we all just deal with this in the 2004 election. My response was "I refuse to accept this injustice." His response: Turned off mic and said. "well, if you refuse to accept it then that's it." He then turned to Carol Roberts and continued the interview.

A shot of me holding my sign "George W. You Can't Steal Our Votes!" was included on his 6:00 report AND MADE IT ONTO THE NBC NIGHTLY NEWS WITH TOM BROKAW!! (The shot of me and the sign was pretty close up and you could easily read the sign. I looked angry. I was.)

Craig Boca Raton