Cardozo School of Law

honoring our last elected president

I arrived at Cardozo about 1:30 after giving a very short notice to all NYC activists (one hour really) We knew that our last elected president was about to be honored by Cardozo School of Law for his peace efforts today, but I only found out the approximate time by noon. Now I do understand some of you New Yorkers not being able to make it, but at the time I was extremely frustrated.

The center stage in front of Cardozo Law school was taken by a group sitting by the curb holding big signs decorated with the star of David, begrudging Bill's peace efforts in Israel. It was only about 6 of them but soon they were literally swarmed by the media. When I engaged them about the coup d'etat and Clinton being the last elected president in office most agreed with me. Their hate for him was above all these arguments. One woman was asking to "Give bush a chance" Oh, yeah?" I said. In 8 weeks he almost ruined the economy Clinton built in 8 years.

A reporter from NY post refused to photograph my sign ("Thank you Mr. President for 8 years of peace and prosperity") but spent rolls and rolls of film on the Middle East 6. I tried to read the name on the press pass: "I have my way to publicize your biased coverage too." She ran and stayed away for some time. A NY Daily News photographer answered my challenge: "I'd love to stay and chat with you but..." "You have a hatchet job to do" I finished his sentence for him. They were all put behind a barricade but not us supporters (at least for a while). Just as bush supporters in Plainfield did, one of them said to me: You are not going to keep that sign in front of my camera, are you?" Why not?" I said. "This is news too. By the way," I addressed the bunch of them: "Are you the liberal media?" Silence. "Because I represent the liberal New Yorkers who voted for Gore - 88% of us. WHOM DO YOU REPRESENT?" Eventually all supporters were directed behind another barricade, opposite the press on the sidewalk. The Middle East 6 were on the press side, further away. I noticed that our numbers swelled considerably.

I gave two interviews (Daily News and Jerusalem Post) :" Until Al Gore is sworn in office, Clinton IS my president.""How about the perjury?" he asked ."You want perjury? I give you perjury: Jeb Bush swore under oath that he did not interfere with the recounts in Florida. He bragged to the author of "Deadlock" that the opposition to recounts was his idea," The reporter stopped taking notes, but listened carefully." How about Lewinski?" he tried again. "How about her? I did not choose Bill Clinton for a husband, I chose him for president. And he did a damn good job!" The guy was writing and laughing. A woman in fur told me: "I hear he is sooo charming, he sweeps you off your feet,. I want to know if this is true." I hadn't contemplated actually getting close to Big Dog until I heard this student guy saying "I just want to hug him" At this point I got the idea of giving him the button Gore Won with the sticker "Remember Florida, Bush lost" and our website.

Big Dog finally arrived in a two tone brown SUV. A huge cheer rose up from our crowd. Next thing I saw, he pushed away the barricades and came to us. At first I shook his hand. Then I handed him the button. Finally, I just put my head on his shoulder and hugged him hard: "We love you, Mr. President." He hugged back! After he went inside the woman in the fur coat looked at me: "Is he?" (charming enough to sweep you off your feet) YES ! she said and we both embraced in excitement. He is actually better looking live! And yes, he can sweep you off your feet! I attest to that! The electricity he left behind him translated in several other hugs I exchanged with total strangers...

The wind that blew most of the day, stopped before he came. This turned out to be a beautiful day. Maya kept repeating later" Thank you, Mr. President"