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Stadium Protest

On the way to the stadium I stopped to pick up another protester at 3:30pm and left 15 mins later when she didn't show. Thus, I got a later start than I had hoped. I took side streets but got stuck in traffic on National Ave. By the time I parked and got into the stadium it was 4:45pm. I went to Klement's Sausage Haus first (as it was on the way) but didn't see anyone with flyers or signs. I had a backpack with a rolled up sign sticking up out of it. I also took out the flyers at this point, but no one appeared to know what I was there for.

After getting through an extremely long bathroom line I headed out to find the protest area. I walked from one end of the stadium to the other and did not see anyone from CLG or any other groups except Gerri from Votermarch. She knew where to go from my emails and via talking with her. She told me of another group that was protesting on the walkway leading from the parking area to the stadium. Since it was about 5:15pm and no other protesters were in sight, we headed back towards Klement's where the walkway was.

As we made our way to the walkway we handed out flyers to whomever would take them, calling out "Grand Boo Ball" as we approached folks. There was a group of about 6 protesters from the Sierra Club on the walkway bridge with a very large blue tarp sign protesting Bush's environmental record. One woman was dressed in an oil drum costume which got a lot of attention. They had their own flyers with a picture of Bush and a slogan about him dropping the ball on the environment (with three strikes since he's taken office). I asked them whether they had seen any other protesters and they said they had not. So the two of us stood by the Sierra Club members passing out our Boo Ball flyers. The woman I went to pick up before going to the stadium (but we never connected), suddenly appeared on the walkway. Evidently we had crossed wires about the meeting place and she had been standing on a different corner. In any case, we were glad that she made it and was able to pick us out of the crowd.

I can't say we (including the Sierra folks) were well received by the Brewer fans. At one point I had a woman come up to my face, tear up the flyer and call me names. Then there was the guy I was sure would punch me but, luckily, he just crumpled up the flyer and threw it at me. There were many passing comments about how we were leftists and communists and should go back to Russia. A couple of folks tried to debate with me about why I was out there. One guy called Gerri a "tree hugger" and another told her to "get over it." She came back with "I'll get over it when he leaves office." Another idiot took out his camcorder, taping me while asking why I was calling for folks to boo Bush. "Why should we boo the president of the US," he asked. I stated, "because he is not the legit president.'' "Well, in case you haven't heard..." he taunted. I just turned the other way and ignored him. Not everyone was negative. A handful of folks gave us the thumbs up. One guy read the flyer and said he would give Bush the loudest Boo. Several others smiled and a couple of folks actually sought me out to get a flyer.

Gerri stayed as long as she could and then left us to go into the stadium, since she had a ticket, she wanted to make sure to be there for the big boo. About that time a security person came over and asked us to step over to the parking lot side of the walkway. I am guessing, but I think Bush must have arrived. The man warned us about the rowdy and drunk crowd, and told us to be careful. On the other side of the walkway we noticed the Sierra folks seemed to have left and we were standing alone. All of a sudden a rock was thrown out of nowhere and hit my friend on the head. Luckily for her it was a small one and she was not hurt. Since we were standing alone, the crowd had thinned and those who were left were drunk, we decided it was best to get out of there in one piece.

Later, when I got home, a friend, who had watched the game on TV, left a message on my answering machine about how there was a lot of background noise but he could hear a BOO through it, as Bush threw out the ball. On the 10 pm news the only protest the media covered was the Green protesters on 43rd and National. One guy I noticed was holding up a "Boo Bush" sign, just as I had requested the Greens do. With so little support from any others at the stadium I kind of wonder whether we wouldn't have been better off protesting where the Greens were. At least they had more folks for support and media coverage.


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