Just a note to let you know that the battle against Bush rages on in Paris. On Jan. 20, at six o'clock in the cold Paris dusk, almost a hundred Americans demonstrated peacefully at the Place de l'Alma. Americans everywhere who really care about justice have been galvanized into action. Our next event is as follows;

Tuesday, March 13th 2001 at 6:30 p.m. Paris, France

The Minority Caucus of Democrats Abroad Presents: Not MY President: The Stolen Election How Black voter disenfranchisement and the Supreme Court effected a silent coup d'état on America A Panel discussion with Special Guest, Investigative Reporter Greg Palast, BBC Newsnight «Theft of the Presidency» moderated by Zachary James Miller, Chair, The Minority Caucus of Democrats Abroad France and Attorney Joe Smallhoover, Chair, Democrats Abroad (phone-in speakers from Washington to be announced) This event will show how over 22,000 (mainly Black) Florida voters were barred wrongly from voting in this election; How a Republican selected company (DBT, Data base Technology Online, Inc.) was paid 4 million dollars to « purge » them from the voting rolls; How the Supreme Court, in the most outrageous decision in recent times, put « Resident » George W. Bush in the White House, and many more shocking details. .

Zachary James Milller