-- by Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquié

This book is an investigation of the dangerous liaisons, within the immense political and financial network of Saudi Arabia, of Islam fanatics, respectable bankers, big oil American companies' pro- Taliban lobbyists, members of the Bush clan and supporters of terrorism. It contains four chapters:

*The secretes liaisons United States/Taliban

*Saudi Arabia, kingdom of all dangers

*Bin Laden, myth of the renegade

*Khalid Bin Mahfouz: a fortune servicing terrorism

In this report I am bringing what I have highlighted while reading the book, most of it is pertinent to the United States. Remember this is only a brief report. Word by word translation will be in quote! ************************************************************************************

It begins with Laila Helms, niece of Richard Helms (who used to be director of the CIA and Ambassador in Iran).

In the 80' Laila Helms was a member of the American Association of the Friends of Afghanistan. She is the one who organized the trip to the United States of Sayed Mohammad Gailani, chief of the Afghans Moudjahine. During his visit to the US, he met with the Vice President: George Bush. The date: March 21, 1986.

Laila Helms "has for a long time protected Islamic leaders who received favors of the American administration."

She continued to do so, even after 1998 when Ossama Bin Laden is found guilty of having orchestrated the attacks on the American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es-Salam.

The activism of Mme Helms did not represent at all an exception in the United States. In August 2001, other Taliban delegates had offices in Queens, New York. Such as the office of the informal ambassador of the Talibans: Maulana Abdul Hakeem Mujahid.

On February 2001, she obtained from the Bush administration, a meeting with the mollah Omar's emissaries. This meeting takes place in March 2001. The personal advisor of Mohammed Omar, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi, comes to the United States.

This trip occurs after the destruction of the bouddhas of Bamyan!…

Moreover, let us not forget that on December 19, 2000, the Security Council of the UN had just voted a reinforcement of economic and financial sanctions against the Talibans.

"This vote represents one of the last decisions of diplomatic nature from the Clinton Administration."

"As soon as the investiture of George W.Bush, the tone is changing."

And speaking of the numerous responsible of the new administration:

"..They all measure the economic stakes of a stabilization of central Asia, and none of them has forgotten the projects of pipelines developed not long ago in Afghanistan. After all, are not the oil and gasoline companies of Texas part of the group of the first distributors of the Bush junior campaign? The new team will remember this, by deciding for example to suggest to drill in the natural reserves in Alaska (march, 29, 2001), and by rejecting the Kyoto Protocol….The curriculum Vitae of the new responsible who serve W.Bush explains everything."

The book brings also to light the ambiguous roles of Condoleeza Rice and of Christina Rocca. "

Condoleeza Rice, director of the National Council of Security, the supreme organ above all the information agencies, had spent nine years working for Chevron."

There is a long list of the multiple divisions of the SBG ( Saudi Bin Ladin Group) that exist all over the world.

To name a few:

*Binladin Group International: Construction.

*Bemco: Energy.

*Binladen-Bemco:Electric engineering.

*Mohammed Bin Laden Organization: Infrastructures. Project Management &Development Co Real Estate Ltd: Real Estate.

*Al Salem Group: Industry.

*Mimar Industrial Group: Textiles.

*GFC and Casareen Retail International : for retail distribution in England, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Libyan, France, and United States.

See next page.

THE BCCI and affiliates!

Lots of infos here, I will try to summarize!

*1988: BCCI has 400 subdivisions in 73 countries from its creation, the BCCI has made illegitimate loans!

Some beneficiaries had actions in the bank itself!

Such as: Kamal Adhan ($300 million)

The Gokal family ($80 million)

*1989: according to an audit done by Price Waterhouse (1990) illegal loans -loan back- reached $2 billion. The principal beneficiaries were:

The Gokal family ($705 million)

Ghaith Pharaon ($288 million)

In 1977, Pharaon bought the National Bank of Georgia, and appointed Roy Carlson from the Bank of America to the post of Bank Director.

KHALID BIN MAHFOUZ ($152,5 million)

BCCI=Frauds , criminal operations…

*The BCCI was involved in the tentative disappearance of $23 million from the bank account of Manuel Noriega.

*Performed secret financial transactions of arms sales to Iran with Irakian arm dealer Samir Najmadeen.

*Financed the buying of heavy metals to general Inam Ul-Haq, head of the Pakistanis nuclear arm program.

*"Paid $3 million between 1986 and 1987 to the government of Peru in exchange for a $250 million deposit on a Panama account! This to confuse International organizations about the financial status of the country."

July 5th 1991: BCCI was liquidated. July 29, 1991: The principal "leaders" of the bank were found guilty of fraud.


"The State Department: GodFather of the Taliban"

"Since 1979, and the attacks on the American Embassy in Teheran, the State Department has one principal goal: weaken the Islamic Republic of Iran."

*1991: several oil companies, among them Chevron take important positions in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Kirghiztan. Russia refuses all negotiations for the use of its own pipelines in order to carry oil to its final destination.

Since the emergence of the Taliban in 1994, big oil companies are seeing them as the ONLY "capable of creating a strong government, security and stability." Taliban are the ties to the rich energetic resources of the land: In the North, beyond the Afghan mountains, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and especially Kazakhstan. However, there is a geographical problem! It is either going West, by crossing Russia or Azerbaïdjan, prior reaching Turkey or going SouthWest crossing Iran, or South crossing Afghanistan.

"For numerous occidental petroleum companies and for their government, mostly the United States, the Afghan solution is of a major political interest."

The authors say that Carlos Bulgheroni, an oil ztar from Argentina is one who, more or less voluntarily, helped the Taliban to access power.

*Bulgheroni is the head of "Bridas", firm created after the WW2, located in Buenos Aires. Since 1970, the firm is worldwide.

January 192: Bulgheroni comes to an agreement with the Turmene government for the exploitation of natural gas in Daulatabad.

March 1995: Pakistanis and Turkmenes sign an accord projecting the construction of pipelines crossing Afghanistan. (FT Energy newsletters-East European-Energy report-March 27, 1995)

*Bulgheroni invites other oil companies to join him and especially the group UNOCAL, 12th American Petroleum firm.

*Roger Beach was then President of UNOCAL (Union Oil Company of California, founded in 1890 in Santa Paula, became UNOCAL Corporation in 1983.)

*Beach seizes the opportunity and goes even further: he decides to invest without BRIDAS and solicits another firm: The Saudi "DELTA OIL"

*October 1995: UNOCAL and DELTA OIL sign an accord with Saparmurat Niyazou, President of Turkmenistan to export natural gas evaluated at $billion, and to project a pipeline construction, crossing Afghanistan. (Oil and Gas journal, October 30,1995)

"From then on, supporting the Taliban is not only geostrategic, but becomes a economical priority."

At the same time, the Saudi Secret Service, under Prince Turki-Al-Faisal "decides to massively finance the Taliban." The Ouzbek and Tadjik become helpless and the fundamentalists take power and sease Kabul: September 27, 1996.

"A few months prior, the assistant of the American State Secretary, Robin Raphael, arrived in Kandahar blessing the events.

On April 1996, he said: "We are also concerned that economic opportunities here will be missed, if political stability cannot be restored." Explicit, no?"

*UNOCAL gives $900.000 to the Center of Afghan Study at the University of Nebraska.

The money will be used to finance several infrastructures in the town of Kandahar! Gerald Boardman, who used to be in charge of USAID (US Agency for International Development) "finances the educative projects of the Taliban, under humanitarian cover up of the University of Nebraska." (From an anecdote of Ahmed Rashid.)

BRIDAS sued UNOCAL in the US and won. It took several years.

From the sub chapter: "The Banker of Terror"


*Son of the founder of the First Bank of Saudi Arabia (1950): The National Commerce Bank (NCB)

*1989:King Fahd appoints him to the Supreme Council of ARAMCO

*The Bin Mahfouz empire covers the world. They are one of the richest families with $2.4 billion in 1999. (See "Billionaires" Forbes, July 28, 1997 and July 1999)

*NCB is the banque of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia, and had in the year 2000 a profit of $450 million! And just to gossip: Khalid Bin Mahfouz owns a very luxurious home in Houston, Texas…..

"The second Mecca for the Saudis"

(Washington Post April 19, 1981)

*1986: He becomes shareholder of the BCCI (20%of the capital)

*1992: after the scandal of the BCCI, NCB is found guilty for playing a role in the arms delivery between Israel and Iran.

*1999: proof of huge amount of money sent to some organizations close to Ossama Bin Ladin. Found guilty, had to pay $245million.

Khalid Bin Mahfouz's sister is married to Ossama Bin Laden, therefore Saudi Arabia will continue to protect him and his family!

And ever better:

His sons are authorized to keep 18% of the bank capital

His wife: 10%

And HIMSELF: 10%



"The Carlyle Group has for leaders numerous personalities of the ex American President George Bush, or of his son, George W. Bush, the actual President of the United States."

"James A. Baker III, Franck C. Carlucci, Richard G.Darman, John Sununu."

"…The Saudi Prince, Al-Waleed Bin Talal, nephew of the king Fahd, is granted a unlimited participation."

"The United States President, George W.Bush had been from 1990 to 1994, member of the Administration Council of one of the branch, the firm Caterair."

"All those investors know each other, mingle in the same administration councils for more than ten years, on the side of a certain Salem Bin Laden, killed in 1988 in an airplane accident in Texas, brother of Ossama Bin Laden. Therefore, It is not a surprise to find among two other firms with limited responsibility and owned by George Bush (Arbusto 79 Ltd and Arbusto 80 Ltd) a certain James R. Bath, big Texan financier, who at the end of the 70's invested $50.000 to begin the development of its structures. He represented, in the United States the interests of Salem Bin Laden, suite of the administration's accord of 1976. Later, we learned that in 1993, in an official American document that he was also the legal representative of Khaled Bin Mahfouz. The two firms founded by George W. Bush had been later merged with Harken Energy, and the traces of those transactions have vanished since then."

The book ends this way:

"Sooner or later, the trial of the terrorists will take place, among the, their leaders and perhaps the United States who shelters them and who objectively supports them. But it is not certain of what will be done of those who inspire them and finance them, by taking charge, by omission or by financial profits."

Report from: Monique Frugier.

January 20, 2002.


Forbidden Truth FORBIDDEN IN SWITZERLAND!,5987,3226--260220-,00.html

Article as translated by Monique Frugier, January 26, 2002

Friday January 25: Prohibition of the diffusion in Switzerland of Ben Laden, the prohibited "Vérité Interdite", the investigation of Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquié published by Denoël (the World of November 13, 2001). The court acted within the framework of an investigation of urgent provisional measurements for "attack on the honor" of Yeslam Ben Laden, half-brother of Oussama Ben Laden, and Saudi Investment Company (SICO), of which it presides on the board of directors ("the World of the books "of January 25). The court also has asked the prohibition of the diffusion of the German translation of the work, to the publisher Pendo. Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquié quote several times Yeslam Ben Laden and the SICO as belonging to "the galaxy Ben Laden". Of nationality Swiss, Yeslam Ben Laden has condemned the attacks of September 11 and ensures not to have seen Oussama Ben Laden since 1981. "A POLITICAL CENSURE" the court estimates that "the authors of the book use redactional visions, sensational narrative tools, inductive reasoning, associations of ideas and that indeed the amalgams used in the work (...) are of nature to make them suspect to belong, directly or indirectly to the terrorist mediums". The court judges that "the assimilation of their identities to terrorist activities (...) is probably of nature to attack their economic future, their professional and social status". After several weeks of discussions, the editors and the authors have accepted to proceed to modifications, which have been judged insufficient by the plaintiffs as, by the court. The book has been printed 80 000 times in France and Pendo has just published it in Germany and Austria, with the first pulling of 20 000 specimens. The two publishers are fighting the Court decision. Yeslam Ben Laden - who did not "attacked" the book in France - brought a legal action at the Court of Geneva. The director of Denoël, Olivier Rubinstein, declares to be "outraged" by this decision that he considers as "a political censure".

Alain Salles (wrote the article)