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Fertilizer Ban Trims Yields by 30-60%

Fertilizer Ban Trims Yields by 30-60% | 30 Aug 2022 | Posted in Crop Protection, Nutrient Management In April of 2021, the president of Sri Lanka banned the import of fertilizers and pesticides and told the southwestern Asia country's two million farmers they were immediately moving to total organic production. The predictable result was a dramatic drop in yields and a food crisis for its 22 million residents. While the government policy was dropped in November, it was too late to overcome limited food supplies due to 30-60% yield decreases for most crops and grocery prices that increased by as much as 90%. Even with the short-lived organic-only mandate, thousands of farmers are facing bankruptcy... Rice production fell 20% within 6 months, forcing the government to import $450 million of rice to feed its citizens.