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US: Missile transfers could lead to war

US: Missile transfers could lead to war 21 Apr 2010 The Obama administration's top diplomat for the Middle East says the United States has warned Syria numerous times in recent weeks that transferring ballistic missiles to Lebanon's Hezbollah militia could lead to war in the region. Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said Wednesday giving such weapons to Hezbollah would be "an incendiary, provocative action." He would not confirm reports that Syria has sent Scud missiles to Hezbollah, but he said the administration viewed the matter with the gravest concern.



With every day humanity pushes for extinction, madness is a chain reaction, which adds links everywhere. We know some of the story but not enough to solve the war sickness that keeps on ticking.

 Some want weapons for self defence, and rightly so. Others want weapons for dominance of recources, power. We hope we are on the right side, but do any of us really know??

 The good old government of the USA sure does show its true colors in the world and it is not red white and blue, but darker colors paint our flag. I AM AFRAID AND SHOULDNT BE THAT I LIVE IN ONE OF THE EVIL COUNTRIES.