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Previously 'Dead' al-Qaeda Leader Back to Pupa Stage

Previously 'Dead' al-Qaeda Leader Back to Pupa Stage By Lori Price, 30 Apr 2010 Well, he's back again from the grave - to live to fight another day --or, at least live to be re-killed again when Obama needs more troops and killer drones to fight in the Af/Pak undeclared war!


. . .and, given that it's been revealed that vast reserves of oil were found in Afghanistan. . .i'm coming to the belief that the Cheney Administration was aware of it beforehand. . .and that the Afghan invasion was based on oil as much as that of Iraq.

It's certainly a major reason we're there now, what with virtually no Al Qaeda left in the area.

Al Qaeda is a govmt. myth.

The agenda is for the military is to Praise Jesus and kill all people that don't support the plan of Full Spectrum Dominance.

Fuck them and their half-ass lame donkey they rode into Jerusalem.

Good Luck.