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First police Tasers, now hypodermics?

First police Tasers, now hypodermics? A Police Federation article that appears to advocate the forced chemical sedation of suspects is a move into dangerous territory By Henry Porter 22 Apr 2010 (UK)  Kevin Huish, the custody specialist for the Police Federation, has returned from the conference of the Institute for the Prevention of Deaths in Custody... with a description of excited delirium syndrome and the protocols for dealing with it... Huish's tactic is clear. "The Federation is currently undertaking work to formulate a strategy which we intend to lead to recognition and acceptance of excited delirious syndrome by the British medical profession." Once this is achieved, it seems only a matter of time before officers are being issued with hypodermics as freely and thoughtlessly as they have been issued with thousands of Taser guns.


Non-lethal force should be used to bring a person down to a level where he can be subdued by the officer. NOT to do the subduing!!! Lazy  LAZY @sses!