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NY judge: Anonymous jury will hear terrorism trial

NY judge: Anonymous jury will hear terrorism trial --Lawyers for Hashmi had argued in court papers that an anonymous jury would poison the trial's atmosphere and create the impression that their client is guilty and dangerous. 26 Apr 2010 A judge ruled Monday that an anonymous jury will hear the trial of an American student accused of lending support to al-Qaida [al-CIAduh] in Afghanistan. U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska said the seriousness of the conspiracy and material support for terrorism charges against Syed Hashmi, the allegation he has followers and high media interest make it necessary to protect jurors' identities when the trial begins Wednesday. Prosecutors had cited those factors in court papers when they requested anonymity for jurors. The government said jurors "will see in the gallery of the courtroom a significant number of the defendant's supporters, naturally leading to juror speculation that at least some of these spectators might share the defendant's [alleged] violent radical Islamic leanings." [In other words, because the defendant has tons of supporters -- and the US government has *none* (LOL), the prosecution got an anonymous jury, in violation of his rights. --LRP] 


So, they'll pack the jury with pro-govt goons and we'll never get the truth. Plus the defendant will never see the light of day again. RIP habeus corpus.