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Bring Greece Here!

Bring Greece Here! - new CLG Facebook group - Join us!

Sick of bailouts, corporaterrorist trolls, Wall Street casinos, banking maggots and politicians who are hand-maidens of same? We need *vigorous,* active protests *here* in the US! Why aren't US citizens 'taking it to the streets,' as they are in Athens? We, too, will not continue to be cowed by these corporate dirt-bags and their political puppets!
Let's bring Greece here!

Greece Acropolis



no way, we are quite (conveniently) content with our facebook iphone ichat ipad nintendo sega playstation dvdcdlpcassette monday night football coma. a revolt in the US? unfortunately that would only be touted by some wacko militia types or other mis-guided right-ists. no, the *left* (read: lame) are quite placated in the US, fighting betwixt eachother about PETA, the Socialist Party, and various other issues of luxury.


but i do wish, i really do, that it wasn't the case.

there is still enough money here to pay for bread and circuses

We did have protests; unfortunately it was the tea party that hosted them.