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General strike takes hold in Greece

General strike takes hold in Greece 05 May 2010 A general strike is underway in Greece over the government’s austerity measures. All flights into and out of Greece have been stopped and rail and ferry transport has also effectively been closed down, with the country’s public sector members walking away from their jobs. Private sector workers are expected to join in the walkout in sympathy, after yesterday’s clashes between police and about 4,000 demonstrators in central Athens.



Washington Journal's guest yesterday was the infamous Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World talk about the 'situation' in Greece~  why aren't the World Bank, IMF, USA, and EU going after the synthetic CDO, derivative, and Credit Default bankster mafia, arresting them all and demanding the forfeiture of all monies swindled from Greece, pension funds, etc and going after all to their offshore accounts and making whole the soverign nations, pension funds etc?


These banksters, quants, 'financial services sector', whatever you want to call them are an international syndicate of swindlers, pure and simple. 


But no~ not only are these vermin getting off and encouraged to continue(!), but the victims (entire nations, hundreds of millions of pensioners; are being raked over the coals, flogged in the stadium to the applause of the powerful, bereft of their livelihood, and run over repeatedly by the World Bank, Germany (show your gratitude, Greece; our terms or the highway) the IMF, the EU and the rest of the global elite, the equivalent of strangling the nation of Greece.  And n'er a peep out of President Obama, the UN, or any so called human rights, self righteous organizations....n'er a peep out of the religious leaders of the world...just silence among the hue and cry of a financial war against a people who bear no responsibility for financial disaster their former leaders signed them onto...swindled....

asking for a leg up and getting a vise....or more like it the guittine...and pray, who is next?

Hey world, have you had enough of this grief?  Time to put the 'financial services sector' in chains and let them feel the suffering and mortification and subjugation of poverty....time to make the swindlers SUFFER.

No more control of the US Presidency, Congress, or the Judiciary.  Time to put these manufacturers and salesmen of financial weapons of mass ruination in a Dickensian debtors prison... where they can languish the rest of their days with the smell of urine and vomit the air they breathe.

We the people could reach out and adopt a town or community in Greece.  If enough of us in this country and around the world could mobilize in the spirit of freedom, liberty, and democracy the people of Greece could ride out this devastation for a sufficient period of time until the country is back on its feet. 

What do you all think?  I've never established this type of network but would be really encouraged if CLG readership with web page and internet experience could help get this idea off the ground asap.