Citizens for Legitimate Government, a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush Coup d'Etat and oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

Citizens For Legitimate Government
is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose and resist US imperialism, corpora-terrorism, and the New World Order.

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Citizens For Legitimate Governmentis a multi-partisan activist group established to expose and resist US imperialism, corpora-terrorism, and the New World Order.

Once it became probable that GW Bush would be the supposedly "legal"--though, in terms of democratic standards, by no means legitimate--president of the United States, we began to focus on strategies to expose the coup and counter the Bush Occupation of the White House, and to counter the attempt on the part of the administration, in conjunction with the media, to create the appearance of legitimacy. GW Bush seized office by "virtue" of a contingency of GOPers who worked to ensure him, by various means (propaganda, obstruction of justice, voter and vote-counting intimidation, legal delay, specious and biased legal reasoning, an illegal purge of the voting rolls, illegally counted absentee ballots, discarded legal Democratic ballots, and other factors) the U.S. presidency, as against the expressed will of the people, both nationally and in Florida.

We are an activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, making him utterly ineffectual as a putative leader. This effort involves opposing his cabinet choices when appropriate (i.e., in all cases), making spectacular political announcements that remind the public that our president was not elected (see Rose Bowl Flyover press release and photo, and Super Bowl flyover release and photo), supporting and contributing to the voter marches, supporting and contributing to the efforts to investigate fraudulent voting and non-counting practices in Florida, and much, much more. We invite new members. We have added a forum, an online research library, and other tools to assist in restoring our democracy. Don't forget to visit our links and press release pages.

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The opinions expressed on our message boards represent the opinions of the posters only, and are not necessarily those of Citizens for Legitimate Government. CLG does not advocate any actions other than those we have drafted and endorsed, public relations efforts, protests and marches, editorials, voter registration, and, like any press agency, an effort to uncover the truth.

CLG Founder is Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.
CLG Managing Editor is Lori Price.

This shall be the first amendment to the Charter of Citizens for Legitimate Government, as appended to our web page at The amendment modifies the original Charter as follows:

Citizens For Legitimate GovernmentTM is a coalition group that welcomes members from any party who are interested in opposing the Bush II administration, and exposing the coup d'etat that brought Bush to power.

We will, unless a particular group is otherwise specifically objected to as reflected in a decision by CLG staff, work with any group that opposes Bush Occupation and the policies of the Bush mis-ministration.

Our rationale for opposing the Bush mis-ministration has to do with the rejection of the same by the American people, both by popular and legitimate electoral vote, as evidenced in the national vote count and the legitimate will of the Florida voters as reflected in their intentions. Further, the numerous and nefarious acts committed on the part of the Republican party, its propagandists, ideologues, media counterparts and its judicial apologists, warrants a complete rejection of the selection of G.W. Bush as president of the United States of America, as well as an investigation into that selection.

The only requirement to work with the CLG, as a member or another group, is the desire to stop the George W. Bush mis-ministration, and to work within the said charter of inclusiveness. Behavior that indicates an unwillingness to work within this inclusive coalition, either by a demonstrated unwillingness to work with or accept members because of party affiliation or lack thereof, or by a demonstrated verbal hostility to these members or their parties, will be not be tolerated. Such behavior is grounds for dismissal from the group.



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