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British soldiers to prepare for fighting Russia

British soldiers to prepare for fighting Russia --Warrant Officer Paul Carney advised troops to discuss a potential deployment with their families | 21 Aug 2022 | The UK's top "other ranks" soldier has said that British troops must be ready to fight Russia, and should prepare their families for the prospect of an "extended" deployment. His advice comes after the UK's new head of General Staff said that British forces must become capable of "defeating Russia in battle." Writing for the latest issue of the British Army's Soldier magazine, Carney said "the Army is shaping itself to meet the threat from Russia," and "will be ready, with the right equipment, to play our part in deterring a future war in Europe." "Deterring" in this case seemingly means deploying. "I want us all to check we are physically fit for operations..." he continued. "My ask is that you have discussions about a potential deployment with them now...we could be out of contact for extended periods on tour."