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Big Ten revives fall football in Trump-backed turnaround

Big Ten revives fall football in Trump-backed turnaround | 16 Sept 2020 | The Big Ten Conference will play football this fall, after the organization's chancellors and presidents approved a reversal of their recent decision to postpone the season because of the coronavirus pandemic. Wednesday's revival delivers a victory for President Donald Trump, who has demanded sports resume in an athletic conference that represents several swing states ahead of Election Day. The president has even intervened with calls to the Big Ten's commissioner. Conference presidents and chancellors voted unanimously to resume the football season starting the weekend of Oct. 23. Now the president is setting his sights on the western United States and the Pac-12 Conference, the last major college sports organization to hold out of playing a fall season. "Open up, Pac-12. Get going," Trump said Wednesday, after the president crowed on Twitter over the Midwest's planned return to competition. "I said the same thing to the Big Ten and they did. And now I'm saying it to (the) Pac-12. You have time, you really have time right now. Get going."