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AP fires journalist behind 'Russian missile' story - media

AP fires journalist behind 'Russian missile' story - media | 22 Nov 2022 | The Associated Press has fired the journalist [sic] behind a since-retracted story, which claimed that the missile that hit Poland last week had been launched by Russia, a number of US media outlets have reported. The news that the agency had terminated its contract with investigative reporter James LaPorta after a brief internal probe, was broken by the Daily Beast on Monday. The sacking was later confirmed to the Washington Post by "people at the news organization." Last Tuesday, AP issued a news alert citing "a senior US intelligence official," who claimed "Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people." Such an event would constitute a major escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, given that Poland is a member of NATO and an attack on one member is supposed to trigger a response from the entire US-led military bloc.