Show your support and dedication to the CLG and the cause of overthrowing the Bush Coup. Get your new CLG T-shirts, with a short list of Bush outrages on the back. Order now!!!


 Groovie CLG t-shirt

*Note!! The Medium's front logo begins (approximately) 3" down from the top of the neckline and the back logo is 4" down from the top of the neckline. On the Large, the front logo is 4" down from the top of the neckline and the back logo is 5.5" down from the top of the neckline. This animation is the design artist's rendition of the T-shirt. Please email us with any questions on the design, prior to ordering, should you have any concerns.

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Order fourth-generation CLG "Bush outrages" T-shirts today!

Sizes: *All shirts are 20.00

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100% cotton, quality shirt

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You'll be the envy of any protest or anti-W-ar gathering! The cost of each shirt includes the cost of regular shipping in the USA. For overnight shipping in the USA, please add an additional $18.00 (per order). For shipping overseas, please write to: lori[at] to verify shipping costs.

For sake of expedience, we strongly suggest that you use the PayPal method of payment, but we do accept checks. Please send checks, payable to CLG, to:

Citizens for Legitimate Government (or CLG)
P.O. Box 1142

Bristol, CT 06011-1142

You can order online using your Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, or electronic check. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card - CLG is using PayPal as the payment processor. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact lori[at] and Lori will be happy to help. If you 'snail mail' your order to us, you must provide your name and address.

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