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President Trump's budget calls for $11.7 billion foreign aid cut

President Trump's budget calls for $11.7 billion foreign aid cut --Officials say it is often wasted. | 09 Feb 2020 | President Trump will move for a dramatic $11.7 billion cut in foreign aid in his annual federal budget set to be released this week, The Post has learned. The proposed 21 percent cut is in line with Trump's "America First" mantra and will be achieved largely by scrapping economic development aid to other countries, officials said. "Every country gets this type of development aid [and] we don’t think it serves a significant purpose to be able to continue it," a senior administration official told The Post. "We're cutting $4,800 to send American artists to a poetry festival in Finland...and $10,000 to support the Muppet Retrospectical in New Zealand," another official said. The first official added: "The Bob Dylan statue in Mozambique, the cricket league in Afghanistan, these are things that we just think are wasteful, and they’re largely funded out of economic development."