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Police scour latest evidence in Times Square bombing attempt

Police scour latest evidence in Times Square bombing attempt 03 May 2010 Law enforcement officials early Monday pored through evidence, including a 20-second video, after a failed car bombing attempt in Times Square over the weekend. The video released by authorities showed an image of a man, who police say is possibly connected to the attempted bombing, changing his shirt along a New York street... The investigation was focusing on examinations of a Nissan Pathfinder where the attempted homemade bomb was placed.


Can someone explain why a person leaving a car bomb would park it with FLASHERS ON, then change shirts out in public instead of slipping into a McDonalds or just simply taking off a jacket and walking away?  It sounds like it was set up to be obvious to me. 

I find it interesting that both of the "hero vendor" witnesses (Duane Jackson and Lance Horton) are "ex"-military (Vietnam veterans) and that Horton has been interviewed by the mainstream media in connection to an unknown event(s).

And what about the early reports of a man running away from the scene, which were quickly denied by the police? And what about the reports that the local police asked federal agents to back away from the case, but they're still involved?

Also interesting is the location of the attack -- it was near the offices of Viacom. Viacom has always been a major propaganda arm of the criminal elite.