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Pakistani Taliban Behind Times Sq. Plot, Holder Says

Pakistani Taliban Behind Times Sq. Plot, Holder Says 09 May 2010 Attorney General Eric Holder says the Pakistani Taliban was "intimately involved" in the failed Times Square bombing. Holder says the Taliban in Pakistan "directed this plot." A U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, Faisal Shahzad is accused of spending five months in Pakistan before returning to the United States in February and preparing his attack. Holder says the Taliban also planned and perhaps financed the plot. [AND, guess who's funding THEM? See: The Obusha AfPak Money Pit By Lori Price.]


You just can't find good terrorists anymore. A Nigerian trained in Yemen fails to detonate his underpants. A Yuppie from a Pakistani Air Force family uses the wrong fertilizer in his car bomb. Mehsud Somebody, back from the Dead, can't even get a share of the blame when he claims credit. And on the Friday morning TV news, Shahzad was quoted as he was being removed from the plane to Dubai, "What took you guys so long?" Folks, you just couldn't make this stuff up - or could you?...