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Pakistan Taliban were 'behind NY bomb plot'

Pakistan Taliban were 'behind NY bomb plot' 09 May 2010 Senior White House officials said today that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the failed Times Square car bombing. The attempt marks the first time the group has been able to launch an attack on US soil. While US officials have downplayed the threat - citing the bomb's lack of sophistication - some feared the incident in Times Square and the Christmas Day airline bomb attempt indicated growing strength by overseas terrorist groups linked to al-Qa'ida [al-CIAduh].


Which doesn't fit.

A) overloading a rowboat with explosives. ("Al Qaeda" - 1/3/2000)

B) "9/11" (9/11/2001)

C) the "shoe bomber" (Richard Reid - 12/22/01)

D) blowtorches on the Brooklyn Bridge (Iyman Faris - 5/2003)

E) NY Times Square "lack of sophistication" bomb (Faisal Shahzad - 5/9/10)

Ans. "B"

No, they all fit, as they were all likely conceived in Langley. :)