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Obama Revives Rumsfeld’s Missile Scheme, Risks Nuke War

'Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld couldn't even muster that coherent of a defense.' Obama Revives Rumsfeld’s Missile Scheme, Risks Nuke War By Noah Shachtman 23 Apr 2010 The Obama administration is poised to take up one of the more dangerous and hare-brained schemes of the Rumsfeld-era Pentagon. The New York Times is reporting that the Defense Department is once again looking to equip intercontinental ballistic missiles with conventional warheads. The missiles could then, in theory, destroy fleeing targets a half a world away -- a no-notice "bolt from the blue," striking in a matter of hours. There’s just one teeny-tiny problem: the launches could very well start World War III.


What the ____ is wrong with these people? How does that even sound like a good idea? The White House and Pentagon need to stop getting high off the drugs their selling.