Not-My-President's Day, New York City

The protest was scheduled to begin at 2:00PM. When I arrived at 1:00 PM the sound system was set up on the stage, and I was helping to announce the event using the bull-horn. At around 1:30 PM the NYC Park Police announced that they were going to hassle us and not allow us to set-up on the stage. Likewise, we had to move the entire sound system, complete with six sets of speakers, several microphones, receivers, etc., to the center of the parking lot. We set back up within minutes of 2:00 and the festivities began.

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Around 150 protestors showed up, and there were several musicians, skits and speakers--I was one of the latter. (Read my speech).

I was lucky enough to meet Cheryl Guttman of, Joe Katz, founder of, Louis Posner, Chairman of VoterMarch, Bob Fertik, co-founder of, and Leah Faerstein and Jon Bexell of CLG--among many other fellow protestors from the movement.

After the protest, many of us convened at a restaurant on the

square, for the Not-My-President's Day party.
--- Mike

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