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Jesus Campos, the Las Vegas security guard shot before rampage, has vanished

Jesus Campos, the Las Vegas security guard shot before rampage, has vanished  --Campos vanished before scheduled appearances on the Sean Hannity show on Fox, as well as news shows on CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC. | 17 Oct 2017 | Unarmed security guard Jesus Campos, the man that many want to honor and who can help bring clarity about the timeline of the shooting has vanished from the public eye, less than two weeks since the Oct. 1 massacre... Sheriff Joseph Lombardo [a complete and utter tool of the Deep State sociopaths who executed this blatant false flag] also said the guard had been investigating an alarm for a door that had been left ajar on the 32nd floor, where the shooting occurred. He also said that [alleged gunman Stephen] Paddock had checked into the hotel on Sept. 25, not Sept. 28 as had been previously reported...According to a former security guard for Mandalay Bay, armed guards routinely patrol the hotel's hallways. Campos was using a device to log in his whereabouts at the casino. The former security guard, who worked there in the early 2000s, questioned Lombardo's statement that Campos was investigating the open door alarm. "There was no alarm system for opened doors when I was there," he said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to discuss security issues. "You know how often people would have to call hotel guests if that was the case?"