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ISIS snipers using sophisticated U.S. thermal devices

ISIS snipers using sophisticated U.S. thermal devices | 14 Nov 2017 | ISIS [I-CIA-SIS] fighters are using sophisticated U.S. thermal devices, according to a new propaganda video by terror group. ISIS uploaded its latest propaganda video on Nov. 10, titled "Snipers of the South -- Wilāyat al-Janūb." The nearly six-minute video details ISIS sniper operations. In one scene, an ISIS fighter can be seen firing what appears to be a homemade high caliber anti-material gun. The video later focuses on an ISIS sniper and his spotter. The spotter is carrying a FLIR BHM thermal camera, and the shooter is operating a U.S. M4 with an unknown scope. [Hmm. How did they get them? Via one of John McCain's food and weapons drops for his I-CIA-SIS best buds?]