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Homeland Security Tests 360-Degree Video Cam

Homeland Security Tests 360-Degree Video Cam --The surveillance system, which uses multiple cameras to provide high-resolution images in real time, is being pilot tested at Logan International Airport. 10 May 2010 The Department of Homeland Security has developed new surveillance-camera technology that provides a 360-degree, high-resolution view by stitching together multiple images. The technology, developed by Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate, is called the Imaging System for Immersive Surveillance (ISIS) and works by creating images from multiple cameras and turning them into a single view, according to Homeland Security.


...and in a related story, the "google security car" (formerly known as the google camera car) which provides 360 degree panoramas of streets in America for it's online mapping application is to be outfitted with lasers, and flesh eating robots.