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'Halliburton said it did a variety of work on the rig and was assisting with the investigation.'

'Halliburton said it did a variety of work on the rig and was assisting with the investigation.' --Obama dispatches military as oil spill worsens 29 Apr 2010 A massive oil slick from a blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to reach a Louisiana wildlife reserve Thursday night as it threatens an environmental disaster across four southern U.S. states. Obama said London-based BP was ultimately responsible for the cost of the cleanup but that his government would "use every single available resource"--including the military--to address the spill. Oilfield services companies Cameron International Corp and Halliburton Co saw their shares tumble on fears about their ties to the Deepwater Horizon rig.


   It is all our fault, this oil spill, for we are cowards for real change in cean energy. We are to busy with our lives to get involved for we dont care as to what is really important in life. AND WE WILL PAY! one af many ways, at the pumps or in our fathers court on judgment day.  The question asked will be [WHY] when i gave you clean  energy did you turn to polluted energy?


 I ts al our fault, We are cowards to demand real energys that are clean. We are to busy with our selfish lives to care,

 We will pay one way or another, at the pumps or in our fathers court on judgement day. The question will be asked-Why when i gave you clean energy and a right path did you take a polluted one?

  I dont expect british oil to loose any sleep over this, except in the money part. And i laugh at sending 6000 troups to help in the clean up, it woild take 6.000,000 to even make a dent at cleaning up this mess. In the end mother nature will bear the brunt of it all.

one step closer!


The Game is "Fleece The Economy" . . . Perhaps I am only blurbing off an unlikely conspiracy theory here . . . but consider . . . 

Need for "False Flag Operations" are generally thought of as to "direct and exacerbate" public opinion . . . but the "Psy-Ops" itself can be used to accomplish any end.  

"Corporatism" controls the "Government Apparatuses" . . . which ardently swindles the Ameri"c"an people initially . . . and successively . . . through bailouts . . . bills (i.e. Tax) the Ameri"c"an people for Corporate failure due to Corporate corruption . . . We get it coming and going . . .

"Bailout" . . . there is not a better word in the English Language to describe a capitol hill who has no interest what-so-ever in the welfare of it's constituencies.

War has created a desperate need for cash . . . The Corporations ARE the Government . . . Think of It . . . as our recent ancestors could never even have imagined . . . Mandatory Private Insurance to Insurance CORPORATIONS . . . sold as "Public Healthcare" . . . A Salaried Bureaucracy . . . that "HIRES" private contractors (i.e. Corporations) at "Premium Private Sector Rates" . . . 

To A Corporation . . . An "Assett" (i.e. Oil) has an "Economic Value" . . . as does money.  Just as Money may be spent for a variety of goods . . . it follows that something with an economic value may also be negotiated in a number of ways . . . You could call it "Corporate Choice".

If the Oil is dumped . . . A Corporation Will Get Cash Quick (Humvees, Ammo, Drones) to "Clean-Up" (not a pun) . . . no Congressional opposition . . . no public (i.e. sheeple) objections . . .

. . . but wait . . . even though "Cash" has been achieved . . . the commodity with the "Economic Value" may still be corralled and partially recovered . . . and with a more intensive refining, converted to another higher "economic valued" commodity . . . the cost of production will increase . . . as shall the Interest on the capitol . . . hence, your price at the pump will generate even more cash (i.e. prices will increase).

Do you really believe . . . "surely our government (i.e. the Corporations) would not sink so low?" . . . (= a no-brainer) . . . to possibly fathom such a Win / Win "Government Contract" . . . to circumvent legislative drag . . . to advance Their (the corporations are the government) Current World Ambitions ?

Do you really think their is much of a chance the public (i.e. sheeple) could even question such a bonanaza for the Government . . . oops . . . I mean the Corporations . . .