The Fairbanks Protest:

Well, we had a pretty good turnout here. It was sunny and a bit chilly (around 10 above or so). All told, there were around fifty or sixty of us (I didn't get an exact head count), a fair number of Greenies/Naderites among them. Basically it was the usual liberal Fairbanks crowd that showed up plus a few disaffected types who came to add their voices. We had a good media contingent, including a reporter from the local NPR affiliate, KUAC, a television reporter from one of the local stations, and a reporter and a photographer from the News- Miner.

We gathered at Bicentennial Park downtown, formed up, then marched over to the sidewalk on Cushman Street where we stood for a while, waving our signs on both sides of the street. The KUAC reporter set up a table and interviewed a number of us. The television reporter took his camera across the street and filmed us while the photographer walked out into the street to get some wide shots of the crowd.

After a while, we formed up again and marched down to the bridge across the Chena. Then we went over to the parking lot across from the News-Miner building where we formed up our line and waved our signs at the window containing the Arctic Cam webcam. Anyone visiting the News-Miner's website and who happened to be checking out the webcam would have seen us in the lot for those few minutes we were there.

The lady who owns the Miner's Restaurant came out and loudly demanded we get out of her lot. So we did. We went back across the bridge,up Cushman and once back at the park, we dispersed. We got a fairlyhigh number of wave, thumbs-up, horns honking at us, and such. There was not a whole lot of negative reaction. Then again, most people were speeding right on by and probably didn't even have time to read our signs. One of our guys was getting interviewed by the television reporter when some wingnut came up to them and harangued him for a bit. The reporter had to stop the interview until this idiot said his piece to Sean. Evidently, that was the extent of the really negative in-your-face reaction from the reactionaries.

All in all, a pretty good show for basically being put together at the last minute and no advertising except sending out emails, phoning a few folks, a flyer up around campus, and being listed on the site.

That's my report from the Last Frontier


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