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Dying Navy Sailors Push for Trial on Fukushima Meltdowns

Dying Navy Sailors Push for Trial on Fukushima Meltdowns | 01 Sept 2017 | Representing cancer-ridden Navy service members who say they were exposed to radiation on a humanitarian mission in Fukushima, former Sen. John Edwards urged a federal judge Thursday to set a date for trial. Over a decade after serving as John Kerry's running mate in the 2004 presidential election, Edwards now represents hundreds of Navy sailors who were aboard the USS Ronald Reagan as part of a humanitarian mission trip to Fukushima, Japan... Japan's earthquake triggered a nuclear meltdown three nuclear meltdowns at the power plant run by Tokyo Electric Power Co., and Edwards's clients say the radiation exposure has caused them to develop cancer and other illnesses. The suit is one of two pending against TEPCo and General Electric in the Southern District of California -- the first filed in 2012 and an additional lawsuit naming more than 150 sailors filed last month.