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Libyan bombing 'unconstitutional', Republicans warn Obama

Libyan bombing 'unconstitutional', Republicans warn Obama --US public opinion split as Republicans claim Obama's use of military force in Libya is 'an affront to our constitution' [It is, but the hypocritical sacks of sh*t had no problem when Bush did it though, right?] Republican members of Congress are claiming the conflict in Libya is unconstitutional because Barack Obama failed to seek Congressional approval. President Obama sent a letter defending the Libya intervention to members of Congress on Monday in an effort to quell a growing rebellion over his failure to consult the Senate and the House of Representatives before embarking on the third major military action of his presidency. Under the US constitution, Congressional approval is required for declarations of war.


It's sad to say, but the Republicans are right.  The difference between Bush's actions and Obama's is that Bush had already gotten Congressional approval before he went to the UN table.  He could enforce the UN Resolution the way he did because he had approval from Congress.  On the other hand, the Obama Administration approved a no-fly zone through the UN process but that didn't entail them getting involved in war.  At first, America was to just provide logistics and intelligence.  Although one could make the argument that when you assist a country in war on any level you are also at war with such nation.

In any event,  the alleged crisis in Libya to justify military action is in no way on the same level as Pearl Harbor or 9/11.  And in both instances the President got Congressional approval.  It would have been easy for the President to consult with congress before any strikes on Libya by the U.S. Military and get approval.  And the President has not done this to this day.

Civilians are being killed as a result of the U.S. military's actions.  But to this day there has been not one iota of proof that Qadaffy has killed civilians.  With all the cameras showing the rebels why hasn't there been any footage showing aftermath of such attacks?