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Libya: US planes 'dropped two bombs' to protect downed pilot

Libya: US planes 'dropped two bombs' to protect downed pilot 22 Mar 2011 American Harrier jets dropped two large bombs on Libyan armoured vehicles who posed a threat to a downed pilot, the US military said on Tuesday night. US officials insisted that rescue crews did not fire their weapons when retrieving the pilot, contesting media reports that a squad of Marines came in with "all guns blazing" and wounding several civilians. The pilot and his weapons officer bailed out of their F-15E Strike Eagle fighter over Benghazi when it became crippled by a mechanical fault during a bombing raid on Monday night.


You'd think the people would know whether it was a bomb a distance away or guns that damaged them - as they did end up at a hospital...  And daily I see reports of civilian casualty in afgahnistan; I'm sure there's many more there than a few in libya?  this says ... minor injuries (on the pilots?) from mechanical failure.... so the others are sensensializations? (whatever the word is)