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Message from AirBnB: Expect governments to restrict travel after June 6, 2024 --Claiming "foreseeable weather events...leading to government travel restriction or large-scale utility outage" By Sasha Latypova | 10 April 2024 | This is a quick post to report on an interesting email I received on April 6 from AirBnB: We're updating our Extenuating Circumstances […]
U.S. moves more forces into the Middle East to prepare for 'imminent' Iranian strike on Israel - Pentagon sends aircraft carrier that can intercept missiles to the Red Sea in warning to Tehran | 12 April 2024 | The U.S. has moved more forces into the Middle East to prepare for what officials believe could […]
FBI director warns of 'elevated' public, national safety; pushes for increased funding | 11 April 2024 | FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday will warn of an "elevated threat" to U.S. public safety and national security while advocating for an increased budget. "Looking back over my career in law enforcement, I’d be hard-pressed to think […]
Brazilian Supreme Court justice opens inquiry into Elon Musk for obstruction of justice and incitement to crime, moves to remove X from telecom network | 11 April 2024 | It appears Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes has taken the first steps toward shutting down the X social media platform across the country and […]
Herridge, Attkisson ask Congress help stop big government from making journalists disclose sources | 11 April 2024 | Two of the country's top investigative reporters on Thursday urge Congress to pass to pass legislation to protect journalists from federal government efforts compelling them to disclosure their sources. "Forcing reporters to disclose sources would have a […]
Elon Musk says Brazil X employees have been threatened with arrest, promises 'data dump' on Supreme Court judge once they're safe | 9 April 2024 | Brazilian employees of X have been told that they need to be in a safe place and then Elon Musk will "do a full data dump" on the situation […]
DOJ's Dangerous 'Red Flag' Distribution Center By Larry Keane | 3 April 2024 | The Department of Justice (DOJ) is embarking on a dangerous journey to distribute the destruction of rights by creating a "one-stop-shop" for states to deny Due Process rights to citizens. The DOJ created the National Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Resource […]
Rand Paul vows to probe Dr Anthony Fauci's 'secret trips' to the CIA before COVID and says he's 'salivating' at a possible Trump presidency to hold agencies accountable for pandemic 'cover-up' --Sen. Paul claimed Fauci frequently made 'off the books' visits to the spy agency | 10 April 2024 | Sen. Rand Paul told […]
Israel threatens to launch direct attack on Iran - further escalating conflict in the Middle East --Follows a suspected IDF strike that killed Iranian military generals in Syria | 10 April 2024 | Israel's foreign minister today declared his nation's armed forces would launch direct retaliatory strikes on Iran should the Islamic Republic carry out […]
NC Court Rules Federal PREP Act Protects Forced Vaccination Without Parental Consent | 8 April 2024 | A North Carolina Court of Appeals found that a clinic, where personnel gave a 14-year-old boy a COVID-19 shot without his consent or parental consent, was protected by the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act). The […]
First bodies exhumed from mass graves at Al-Shifa Hospital after Israeli siege | 9 April 2024 | Health workers in northern Gaza exhumed the first corpses from mass graves in and around Al-Shifa Hospital on Tuesday, after they said Israeli forces killed hundreds of Palestinians and left their bodies to decompose during their two-week siege […]
January 6 Defendants Sue Capitol Police Officers for 'Millions' - Report | 9 April 2024 | A group of January 6 defendants has reportedly filed a class action lawsuit against 21 Capitol Police officers and others for millions of dollars in damages. Defendant Jake Lang told Real America's Voice on Friday that the group of […]
Police on High Alert as Islamic State Threatens to Attack Champions League Football Matches | 9 April 2024 | Police across Europe are on high alert after Islamic State-linked media published calls to attack high-profile football quarter-final matches taking place this week and expected to be attended by tens of thousands of fans. Messages including […]
Former FBI/current CIA employee says approximately 20 undercover agents in January 6 crowd --O'Blennis said the FBI will often "nudge" people, get "close to entrapment," to create arrestable offenses. | 9 April 2024 | An undercover video from Sound Investigations reveals former FBI employee and current contracting CIA officer Gavin O'Blennis claiming that there were […]
NY appeals court judge rejects Trump's latest attempt to delay April 15 'hush money' trial | 9 April 2024 | A New York appeals court judge Tuesday rejected the most recent attempt by former President Donald Trump to delay his 'hush money' trial while he fights a gag order. Justice Cynthia Kern's ruling clearing the […]

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